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15 Jul Parenting During COVID-19.

In Ribeiro v. Wright, the Superior Court of Justice provided direction on what parenting issues would be considered urgent during the COVID-19 court closures. In that case, the mother had a primary residency of the child while the father had access pursuant to a temporary consent...

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05 Aug Dan Dooley on CBC Radio

Dan Dooley was recently invited to participate in a discussion on CBC Radio about apologies and whether they should be admissible in court.  I have provided a link to the article  and the audio clip from CBC Radio interview. Hear what Dan Dooley has to say...

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05 Aug Demonstrative Evidence – Powerful Persuader

Commentators generally agree on one fundamental point: “Visual, tangible evidence has powerful impact.”[52] No doubt – but there are two sides to the fact that people remember the pictures. Chayko and Gulliver in Forensic Evidence in Canada[53] suggested that “both real and demonstrative evidence are important because...

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01 Jan New Changes effective January 1st, 2016

Effective January 1st, 2016, the firm of Dooley Lucenti Professional Corporation has become a limited liability partnership, as permitted by the Partnerships Act and the Law Society Act. The firm is now known as Dooley Lucenti LLP. As the name suggests, the partnership carries on the...

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